Mask friendly liquid lipsticks

Even though face coverages are very important right now, they are not ideal for those who like to finish off their makeup with their go-to lipstick; not a good pairing!

If you ever find yourself having to decide between constantly worrying about lipstick smear & transfer or having to wear no lipstick at all then you know something must be done; new lipstick is called for! You should not have to worry about your lipstick smudging or transferring onto your face mask, this is a sign that you need to switch to a mask-friendly lipstick alternative. 

For a long-lasting and transfer-free lipstick, it all comes down to formulation and finish!

The best finish of lipstick to ensure that there is no transfer onto your face mask or coverings is to opt for a liquid lipstick with a completely matte finish. A matte finish will ensure that the lipstick is not only long-wearing but most importantly it will be transfer-free.

If you are looking for a beautiful nude matte lipstick to wear to work or to finish off your daytime makeup look then we have an exceptional collection of warm and cool tones as well as a unique collection of bold colours on offer.

Here at Coloured Raine, we can assure you that you will find the perfect colour for you; whether that will be the perfect daytime nude or perhaps the iconic movie-star red.

Our beautiful SUEDEis the perfect coffee toned nude colour that is suitable for all skin tones to enjoy! Perhaps you would like a slightly more vibrant nude with a cooler undertone; then our SUGAR and BUTTERSCOTCHshades would be the perfect complement to your skin!

Now, an everyday nude is a staple lipstick essential, found in pretty much everybody’s makeup bag, but who’s going to be able to stop you from trying out our BODACIOUS lilac purple or our limited edition MUAH metallic pink for your next lipstick looks?

With our mask-friendly lipstick range, you won’t ever allow your face covering to stop you from rocking that baby pink or bold mocha lip underneath. There are no worries regards to transfer so you can be sure that how you applied your liquid lip with Coloured Raine in the morning will continue to look the same when the mask is removed during the day!

We have an entire collection with over 40 unique and highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that all dry down to the perfect matte finish; every lipstick retaining its vibrancy even hours after application!

Our entire collection of liquid lipsticks are completely inclusive and have been made to be used by everybody; every one of our lipsticks would compliment all skin tones beautifully! We also had an incredible mix of liquid lipstick finishes; we have the popular matte finish, as well as several beautiful metallics to give your lips that extra pop of glamour.

Who to says that a face-covering needs to stop you from wearing your favourite metallic purple for a night out or when you want to wear that statement red on your next date?

Coloured Raine has all your lipstick needs covered; you can say goodbye to lipstick transfer and smudging when you shop with Coloured Raine. You will never want to be without one of our dreamy liquid lipsticks again.

Why wait?

Your brand new mask-friendly lipstick is waiting for you and we assure you it will be very easy to find the perfect shade for you; deciding how many to get with be the hard part!