WOC Makeup

Beauty brands have historically made cosmetics that only cater to a narrow segment of the population - those with pale skin tones. This practice has left more than half the country out in the cold.

Coloured Raine is a black woman-owned business and we believe everyone deserves to express themselves through makeup. Nobody should have to spend hours blending every color in their makeup bag to get that perfect, poppin’ shade. With long-lasting lipsticks, and bold eyeshadows in an array of unparalleled hues, Coloured Raine has you covered.

Having said that, you don’t have to be a woman of color to shop our shades. We offer a range of bold, bright colors to suit every skin tone, gender, and personality. Our colors pop on black skin just as much as they do on the lightest skin tone. From pale beauties to melanin goddesses, everyone can tap into their fierce with Coloured Raine.