Coloured Raine Lipstick

Coloured Raine Is Home To The Most Exotic & Gorgeous Lipstick Products In The World

The vibrant or ravishing colors are unmatched. The darkest black lipstick to the brightest blue lipstick. Coloured Raine carries it all.  Maybe you are feeling flashy and want to rock red or velvet lipstick - no matter the color or cause - Coloured Raine is sure to have the answer. We pride ourselves on our astonishingly beautiful lipstick and lip paint products. A night on the town, fun in the club, professional, or seductive - Coloured Raine can take care of it all. Check out our fine line of lipstick products here. Our lipstick products are also fairly priced. You will not find liipstick products that are cruelty free, absolutely gorgeous, and fairly priced like ours. We know that our customers are our life. We want to make you sure you are all happy with all of your purchases so that you won't be afraid to come back and do some more shopping. Where else will you find dark black lipstick, blue lipstick, or velvet lipstick? No where for our pice and quality. 


Who Is Coloured Raine? 

With an edgy and uncensored approach to makeup Coloured Raine Cosmetics believes that different is beautiful. The idea of thinking outside the box and not staying within normal parameters of cosmetics make it even more interesting. Coloured Raine is a movement that combines unparalleled color and performance with what we believe in.  A Brand that allows you to be you rather than who you are told to be. We inspire, trusting consumers to make their own decisions and create a look that is uniquely theirs.  Breaking through the cliches is what we aim for! Kiss & Make Up with Coloured Raine where Your Different Is Beautiful!


Coloured Raine Is Also Against Animal Cruelty. 

Animal cruelty is a difficult subject and many people get upset because we discuss such unpleasantries, the only way we can stop it is to expose the truth so that more people stop supporting animal testing and fur makeup brushes. Coloured Raine loves and respects animals and we are passionately against animal cruelty. This is why we feature cruelty free lipstick at our store. You will see our cruelty free link at the top right of our website.