Cosmetics made in the USA

All of our cosmetics are proudly made and produced in glamorous Los Angeles, USA. We retain full control over the ingredients, working conditions, and safety of our products, and work hard to ensure a positive experience for everyone by providing fair wages. Our products are also FDA approved, so you can have that extra level of assurance that what you’re putting on your skin was made with love.

Aside from allowing us to retain full control over the safety and quality of our products, manufacturing our cosmetics in the USA creates jobs and supports communities.

It also supports our environmental mission by lowering our carbon footprint - making our products in the USA reduces shipping and transportation requirements.

Our factories also operate under strict environmental guidelines set by the EPA. Overseas factories are often based in countries with looser guidelines, leading to improper waste disposal and pollution.

From luxurious satin lipsticks, to fiercely pigmented eyeshadows, you can be sure that what you're putting on your face won't harm you, the planet, or our economy.