Counterfeit Warning

PLEASE READ: There are various counterfeit versions of Coloured Raine products (and other well known brands) mainly eyeshadows/eyeshadow palettes floating around via the internet and flea markets. It’s imperative that our customers are fully aware of the dangers of using counterfeit products. Some counterfeit makeup has reportedly been found to contain dangerous chemicals such as:

  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Aluminum
  • And cancerous causing agents such as asbestos. 

It doesn’t end there. There has also been findings of horse urine and rat poison being used as active ingredients within the counterfeit products. 


Counterfeit makeup is not made under the same conditions and standards as the makeup it is posing as. The fake makeup are produced in unsanitary conditions with zero quality control.


We are currently working with an experienced lab who are conducting further testing to provide a list of the unsafe ingredients being used in the counterfeits and will inform our customers. 


Please keep this in mind when shopping. While most may view the counterfeits as an inexpensive option, your health is more valuable than saving a few dollars.


We pride ourselves in making ALL of our lip and eyeshadow products in the USA and will continue to do so. Our products are also cruelty free, and FDA approved.  


This is a continuous issue we have been fighting and will continue to fight with our legal counsel. Legal actions are being taken against all companies that are blatantly copying/counterfeiting Coloured Raine products. A list of our authorized retailers and partners can be found here

We adore each of you and want you to remain in good health💕